Henrietta Mitaiare and Mary Roberts

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Henrietta Mitaire (pictured with her mother Mary Roberts – right) assaulted Captain Guido Keel after being told she could not take a buggy in the cabin

A mother has been found guilty of attacking a Swiss airline pilot after being told she could not take a buggy in the cabin.

Henrietta Mitaire, 23, pushed Captain Guido Keel to the floor, then scratched and kicked him after her plane arrived at Heathrow Airport on May 2 2019.

In the ensuing tussle she ended up on top of him, Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court heard.

Mitaire was convicted of assault by beating.

She had denied the charges.

Her mother Mary Roberts, 53, was also accused of assault after she tried to intervene. But she was acquitted after a two-day trial.

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Henrietta Mitaire and Mary Roberts were both removed from the aircraft by police and arrested

Sentencing, district judge Deborah Wright said Capt Keel had been “trying to protect himself from a very loud and very angry woman who had refused to leave the plane”.

She added: “She was shouting, recording him and seemed intent upon pursuing him.

“It is a wonder [Capt Keel] managed to remain as calm as he appears from the footage to have done, in the face of a very forceful onslaught.”

Mitaire, of Queen’s Gate Place in South Kensington, south-west London, had claimed she was acting in self-defence after Capt Keel “forcefully” made contact with her shoulder and tried to take her phone when she started filming.

She was remanded into custody ahead of her sentence on a date to be set.

Judge Wright said the offence “passed the custody threshold by a million miles”.

Roberts, of Elswick Street, Imperial Wharf, south-west London, was asked to leave the court building when she became too upset.

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